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is a State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) are engaged in Insurance and Pension Fund Management, a graduate of the Young Workers Need S-1, D-3, and senior high integrity, committed, and willing to work hard to be placed on ALL REGION INDONESIA.

A. General Requirements
1. WNI Male / Female, attractive appearance, energetic, and friendly

2. Male height (L) of at least 160 cm, female (P) of at least 155 cm, with a weight proportional.

3. Never married.

4. There was never terminated not with respect as an employee sector in government and private agencies.

5. Physically and mentally healthy.

6. Education level of vocational / senior high school or equivalent:
a. Maximum age 22 years on May 31, 2011;
b. The average value of the minimum exam report cards book value of 7.00 or grade I, II, and III, the minimum 7.00;
c. Preference will be given a certificate: Tax Brevet A Brevet B Taxation, Accounting, Computer (PHP / Web Design / Network / System / Database / Microsoft Office);
d. Issued as administrative staff at the Central Branch of Indonesia and East Indonesia.

7. Education Diploma level (D-3) / Bachelor (S-1):
a. Maximum age 24 years for D-3 and 30 years for the S-1 on May 31, 2011;
b. Minimum GPA 2.75 (PTN) or 3.00 (PTS) of the scala 4.00;
c. More preferably have a minimum TOEFL score of 450 (specifically S-1);
d. The program is a graduate studies received D-3 or S-1: Economic (ECO), Law (huk), Mathematics (MAT), Computer Science (OMC), Actuarial (Akt), Statistics (STA), Secretary (SEK) Health (KES), and Administration (ADM).

B. Administrative Requirements
Creating a cover letter addressed to the Director of Human Resources through Employee Recruitment Team Page. TASPEN (continued) In 2011, with attachments as follows:

1. Curriculum Vitae (format attached);

2. 6 pieces of recent color photographs size 4 x 6 cm;

3. Photocopy of valid ID card 1 sheet;

4. Photocopy of Birth Certificate / Birth Certificate;

5. Photocopy of diploma / graduation letter / UAN value or book value of report cards grade I, II, and III (for senior high school), transcripts (for D-3 and S-1) and Prediction of TOEFL certificate for those who already have (for S- 1);

6. Original Certificate of No Marriage (minimum of village / local Village Head);

7. Copy of Certificate of Good Behaviour (SKKB) / Certificate of Police Notes (SKCK) of the Police;

8. Original Certificate of sound mind and body (include height and weight), free drugs and psychotropic drugs, color blind free of physician / authorized agency;

9. Make a statement stamped USD. 6000, - (form attached below) is attached to the application file which states:
a. There was never dismissed with no respect as an employee in Government agencies / Private;
b. There was never sentenced to prison or jail based on court decisions that have permanent legal force, for committing a criminal act;
c. Willing is not married for 2 (two) years since he was appointed as employees of PT Taspen (PERSERO);
d. Willing to follow all procedures and selection process;
e. Willing to bear all costs of stationery, transport and accommodation during the selection process of the residence (domicile) applicants to site selection;
f. Willing to be placed on the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

10. Photocopy of the Certificate of Work Experience (if any)

C. Apply Procedure

1. Applicants must register / registration online at the website Taspen (

2. Applicants who qualify, prior to register online, first prepare a document file scan results in the form:
a. pdf format for letter of application, curriculum vitae, statements, certificates, transcripts, and birth certificates;
b. jpg format for color photographs size 4 x 6 cm or 472 x 709 pixels.
File documents in pdf and jpg format is attached at the time of online registration.

3. Online registration begins December 14 to 24 April 2011.

4. Applicants who successfully register and obtain a registration number for printing proof of online registration to be attached to the cover letter.

5. Cover letter addressed to the Director of Human Resources through Employee Recruitment Team PT TASPEN (continued) Year 2011 in Jakarta.

6. Application documents and attachments incorporated into the color map below was taken and submitted at the time of follow Psychological tests to Employee Recruitment Team.

Blue folder: Bachelor degree applicants (S-1)
Map the color yellow: Diploma level applicants (D-3)
Red folder: applicants level vocational / high school

7. Only Applicants who meet the entry requirements and criteria invoked BEST / announced to follow the next stage of selection.

8. The decision shall be final and absolute graduation can not be contested, and not held correspondence.

9. Participants who passed the final stage of selection shall be entered into a bond department.

10. Plan the implementation of the test: Palembang, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Makassar, Manado and Jayapura. Place the test can still be changed and will be notified by site.

11. Announcement of applicants who pass the selection of administrative and eligible for further selection can be seen only at sites began last week in April 2011.

Only applicants who meet the entry requirements and criteria that will be called BEST / announced to follow the next stage of selection. PT TASPEN is applying state of Good Corporate Governance (GCG). During the selection process is free of charge and are not held question and answer in any form.

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Download Curriculum Vitae
Download the Applicant's Statement

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